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What Are You Doing During Social Media Week?

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It&;s that time of year again! While Social Media Week should be every week, it&39;s only once week a year (well, two weeks each year, but only once week a year in any given city).

This year, I&39;ll be a little more cooped up than usual, but I am taking part in two events, and it&39;d be great to see you at either or both.

On Thursday, February 21 at noon, I&39;ll be joining the Technology, Advertising & Startup Council (TASC) for an event to answer startups&39; questions. If you&39;re at all interested in how startups can better work with agencies and marketers, come join Darren Herman, Ian Schafer, Darren Herman, and myself. Also, if you want REALLY help support this event, submit and vote on questions in advance using Google Moderator.

Later on Thursday, I get to join an esteemed group of panelists judging the SUXORZ – the worst social media marketing blunders of 2012. Along with Suxorz founder Henry Copeland, you&39;ll hear from Kenyatta Cheese, BL Ochman, and Saya Weissman, plus an audience that tends to be very interactive and knows how to have a good time. Oh, and because I like you, use the code SUX for 50% off.&;

See you there? Let me know.

PS: I&39;ll be at SXSW too, if you&39;re planning ahead…



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