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What Mattered at CES for Marketers?

Ces matrix

While at this year&;s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas this month, I spent much of the event mulling over what mattered for marketers. As my master presentation covering the event topped 100 slides, on its way to nearly 200, it was getting out of control. There was so much happening – new technologies embodying underappricated trends, plus a lot that was getting more hype than it deserved. How could I make sense of it all?
While shaving one morning, I ran out of the bathroom and sketched out a messier version of the napkin above, one with an expletive as well. It&39;s the Marketer Matrix, with Relevance to Marketers on the X axis and Awesomeness on the Y axis. Now, much of the show can be distilled to a single slide – albeit a slide that varies for the brand, as one marketer may need to pay a lot of attention to the connected home, while wearable computing is far more relevant for another.&;
You can read much more about the Marketer Matrix, including an example of how it works, at 360i&39;s blog.
I also posted slides from the event on Slideshare, and you&39;re free to view and download it there, or just peruse it right here. Let me know if you have any feedback or want more color on anything in it.

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