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What Should I Cover in the Social Media Insider?

Yesterday, I shared my last Search Insider column for MediaPost.

Next week, the Social Media Insider gets underway.

I&;m going to need your help with the transition.

Okay, so I am fairly well informed about this social media stuff. For a few years now, I&39;ve been spearheading social media strategy for digital agency 360i&39;s clients, and well before that I&39;ve been an avid social media user (dating back to bulletin board services in the 1980s).

Still, I want to really make this column as useful and interesting as possible. That&39;s where I need your help.

  • What would you want me to cover?
  • What stories aren&39;t getting enough attention?
  • What companies, technologies, and trends don&39;t get their fair share of coverage?
  • Who should I meet to learn more?

I&39;m a big fan of tapping into social media, doing this user-generated thing, and maybe even crowdsourcing here and there. Yeah, that&39;s living on the edge. So please, comment here, Tweet me at @dberkowitz, find me on Facebook, reach out on LinkedIn, or send an old fashioned email to dberkowitz @ 360i . com.

Thanks in advance.

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Comments to: What Should I Cover in the Social Media Insider?
  • April 22, 2009

    Vehix is using social media (Twitter & YouTube) to help people become better parallel parkers. I am behind the Twitter account (@ParallelParking) and I work for Elastic Lab, the company that made the videos. (I used social media — Twitter, Facebook, blogs — to hire all of the contributing filmmakers, too.) I’d be happy to chat with you if you’re interested. Thanks!


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