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What’s Better Than Empathy?

Remember June, when school ended?

Remember March, when tens of millions of parents of schoolkids had to figure out how to adapt their schedules and experience to become educators?

Remember when we wondered when some kind of normalcy would resume?

Yeah, so much for that.

Instead of “Back to School,” which millennials like Paul Rudd may not know is a classic comedy starring the inimitable Rodney Dangerfield, the whole school season for every age should be renamed Dangerfield School.

It’s dangerous for everyone, and we can’t even process all the danger. It feels dangerous even if we have a choice to be fully remote or to send kids to school in-person.

It’s particularly dangerous for teachers, staffers, administrators, and everyone who’s spending time in these surroundings.

School isn’t just school though. New York City’s pre-pandemic population of 8.4 million included 1.1 million students. That’s 13% of the whole city. Add in parents and caretakers. Teachers. Custodians. Bus drivers. Babysitters. Mass transit operators. Restaurant and bodega operators near schools. Institutions hosting field trips. Lyft and Uber drivers. Police officers and security guards. Lunchroom chefs and monitors.

For most people, it’s not whether they’re affected by the schoolyear resuming. It’s how many ways they’re affected by it. Does it affect their families? Their businesses? Institutions they rely on? People they care about?

That’s the first degree.

When you get to the second degree, it’s everyone.


You might not have kids. You might not even know people who have kids. And yet you’re working for parents and caretakers, or hiring them, or collaborating with them.

This brings me to a theme that came up when Leslie Forde, founder of Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs, joined Serial Marketers for our weekly Salon video chat this week.

The word of the year that keeps coming up, beyond one like “pandemic,” is “empathy.” We need more empathy, but it isn’t enough.

Checking Google for a definition, it says empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

That’s beautiful.

We need something bigger and better than empathy though.

What’s a word for “the ability to accept that we can’t understand and share the feelings of another”?

Here’s what I propose:


It’s accepting what we can’t understand.

Humans have needed qualities like that throughout our history.

Now, however, we have the intellectual and moral tools to accompany our emotional controls. We have the capacity to know that Black Lives Matter and Love is Love and Jews Also Like Pizza (the anti-Semitism awareness campaign needs work).

Day to day, it’s not about ‘isms though. It’s about accepting that we don’t know what everyone else is going through.

We all have our own situations. We’re all going through a ton now. Even for those of us doing well, we’re stressed about the past or the future or because others we know aren’t doing as well as they should be.

Now, however, we can do better.

Consider the line in that brisk, chilling “Beauty and the Beast” song, “The Mob Song”: “We don’t like what we don’t understand — in fact, it scares us / And this monster is mysterious at least.”

We don’t have to like what we don’t understand. But we don’t have to instinctively dislike it either.

The fairytale has a lovely moral, but we don’t have to hook up with whoever or whatever scares us. If I followed that rationale in college, I’d have much better stories to write about in these newsletters.

So where was I?


Empathy isn’t enough.

Let’s practice omnipathy.

Omnipathy: the ability to accept that we can’t understand and share the feelings of another.

Who’s up for trying it?

What’s a good way to practice it?

And, as I always like to ask, what are you making of yourself?



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