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What's Cooking at SXSW? The New SXSW Cookbook

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Do you like cooking? Do you wonder what Ben Huh, Dennis Crowley, Craig Newmark, and Dan Ariely would cook for you if they came to your home to prepare a 100-course meal? Well, wonder no more, thanks to the official SXSW Cookbook!

I&;m a contributor to this one, included in the mix of past South of Southwest speakers who shared recipes, and I took a more personal rather than practical approach. Instead of sharing something particularly Texan, I opted to honor my grandmother, Hilda Silverstein Goldstein, who passed away just about one year ago. She was the originator of my family&39;s recipe for hamentaschen – a three-cornered, jelly-filled cookie you can often find in spots like New York bagel places and traditional bakeries. Every February or March since college, I&39;d hold an open house event to bake the cookies, with many friends and family members coming by, so they are for me a very social cookie; the recipe is fixed but the cookies are crowdsourced.&;

Below is more info from Cookbook Create, which arranged the cookbook. You can pre-order the cookbook here.

For the first time ever, the South by Southwest community has come together to create the&0160;Official SXSW Interactive Cookbook.&0160;Inside the cookbook, you&39;ll find recipes from over 100 former South by Southwest speakers.&0160;The recipes, which span from Eggs Benedict Pasta to Vegetable Jell-O, are a true testament to the creativity and&0160;diversity of the SXSW community.

Other highlights include Bald Eagle Cookies from Randi Zuckerberg, the Cheezburger Burger Recipe from Ben Huh, and Blacklight Cocktails from Joi Ito. As you can see, this isn&39;t your average cookbook.&0160;&0160;

The Official SXSW Interactive Cookbook&0160;will be available in the SX store during the festival and is also available&0160;online. The book&0160;was produced by&0160;Cookbook Create, a custom cookbook publishing platform.

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