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What's in the Bag? SXSW Edition

This is my first SXSW, so I&;m trying to figure out how much of a tech boy scout I need to be here. In light of that, I&39;ve asked most of my gadgets, toys, and essentials to pose together for a group photo. The full list is below; most of this is what I&39;m carrying around during the day (at night, I&39;ll limit myself to the phone, iPod, camera, business cards, and pens).

SXSW 2009 travel bag

The bag: North Face backpack from eBags, received the day before SXSW. Holding up very well – it&39;s a little tough for fitting some bulkier things in it (not quite flexible) but great for the laptop, cords, etc.

What&39;s in it (or on person):

  • HP laptop, chugging along, plus adapter
  • One extra battery that clips on, plus a spare backup (thank you Carl in IT at 360i, you rock)
  • Amazon Kindle, 1st edition (now reading The Element by Ken Robinson), plus adapter
  • Samsung Omnia on Verizon, plus adapter, plus tethering USB cable
  • iPod Touch, plus USB cable
  • Surge protector
  • 3-prong adapter from Radio Shack (discussed before as the best $5 ever spent)
  • Business cards – lots of extras, now with both the blog and Twitter ID on them (yay!)
  • Camera: Canon A590 IS (really like it, and amazing value) (only the case is pictured, duh)
  • Two travel packs of Advil
  • 100-calorie snack packs (this time Honey Maid cinnamon bun crackers – very good, plus some peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars stuffed in the box)
  • Pens
  • Notebook (paper kind)

What have you brought to SXSW?Share your thoughts in the comments.

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