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Where to Find Me This Month: from Spain to San Francisco and Back

Pardon some light posting lately, as I had some wonderful travels across Israel and Italy on vacation, followed by a trip to Spain for work. More on that in a moment.

Here&;s where I&39;ll be this month. Let me know if you&39;re at any of these events.

First, where I&39;ve been: I was just in Madrid speaking at Ideagoras 2014 at the BBVA Innovation Center, thanks to the invite by the incomparable host Angel Gonzalez. You can read a great recap of observations from my fellow speaker Silja Chouquet on Medium. Ideagoras also posted an excellent Storify to share the highlights. You can also find a video of my presentation (without the slides), and a press interview video too. Beyond Silja, it was a real pleasure to meet Leif Abraham, Alexandra Mecklenburg, Alex Gibelalde, Ryan Skinner, and Antonella Broglia, along with the gracias Ideagoras team.&;

Then comes the Brand Innovators summit on Millennials November 11. I know a lot about them. I&39;m kind of married to one. I don&39;t even know as the definition of a Millennial keeps shifting. It will be fun being on a session moderated by my old college associate from student government Andrea Wolinetz, as well as Angela Gruszka from one of my favorite stores, ABC Carpet & Home.&0160;

Then I go out to San Francisco November 12 to officially open my agency&39;s MRY West office.

While there, I will be speaking at the M1 Summit on cars and smartphones. This presentation will be a little more nuts than the usual fare, but only because Nihal Mehta has higher standards than the usual event organizer.&0160;

Finally, more or less, it&39;s a pleasure hosting UJA Federation of New York&39;s event on the future of wearable technology with Rom Eizenberg, Jeff Berman, Andrew Rosenthal, and Billie Whitehouse. The fun part of moderating this one is that there are quite a few questions I want answers to, so come and ask your own as well. &0160;



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