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Why the New Design? #Mobilegeddon!

It turns &;out that as much as I&;ve been talking about where mobile media, marketing, and technology are heading, I haven&39;t exactly been eating my own dog food.&0160;

Thanks to a Facebook post by Jeremiah Owyang, I found the Google tool to assess if a site is mobile-friendly. Mine wasn&39;t. At all. It was terrible.&0160;

Now, I didn&39;t exactly design my site myself. I used a template from TypePad. So I searched for info about making TypePad sites mobile-friendly and discovered this post from a few weeks ago that I missed about some responsive design themes. To TypePad&39;s credit, these designs exist and TypePad is adding more of them. To its discredit, why aren&39;t all of TypePad&39;s themes mobile-friendly by now? They&39;re doing a great disservice to users by having any designs that don&39;t work well on mobile.

This is all spurred by Google&39;s "Mobilegeddon," where sites that aren&39;t mobile friendly will be penalized in Google&39;s search results. So yeah, you&39;ll want to fix your site. Test it. And adapt.

I&39;m sure I&39;ll make updates to the design. But at least, for now, I&39;ve survived Mobilegeddon. So can you.

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