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Widget Standards Wiki Launched

Chad Catacchio just launched the Widget Standards Wiki at widgetstandards.org.

It’s interesting, just the other day a client was asking us for such standards as they developed their own widgets, and it’s still one of those gray areas. Google has some information for gadget developers, but no specifics on sizing. If the right people contribute enough, this could be a great resource for developers, and in turn for marketers.

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  • March 1, 2008

    Hi David,
    Thanks a lot for the post! I launched the Widget Standards Wiki because I believe that even though widgets have become such a key part of many web marketing strategies, the time that it takes for developers and marketers to sort through all of the various info out there on widgets (most of which hasn’t been vetted) is a major inhibitor towards actually building and launching widgets. As you said, hopefully enough people out there that will volunteer their time to add to the wiki, so that we won’t have this problem anymore. Thanks again for the post and keep up the great work here!


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