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Will We Be Together at Any of These Upcoming Events?

Appnation speaking may 2013
Event season is upon us! At least, it is for me. Let me know if we’ll intersect at any of these events or in any of these cities:
September 14-15: I’ll be out in Montauk for an ad intelligence company’s private summit. I don’t know what can be disclosed, but there’s probably only one happening there then.
September 16: I’ll be speaking that day at Inbound 2014 in Boston, bringing to life a story I’ve been working on for awhile – A Story about the End of Storytelling – as one of its Bold Talks. I’ll also take part in an Ask Me Anything dialogue on the presentation afterward, so stay tuned to inbound.org/david.
September 17: While the early morning will be spent on Amtrak, ll be coming back to attend a good chunk of the Financial Times Future of Marketing Summit.
September 18: What’s going on in the future? Ask the Future Foundation. I’ll be emceeing their USA client conference in New York that day.
September 18: This evening, at Advertising Women of NY’s Networking with Notables, I’ll be joining either as a networker or a notable.
September 19: At NYC Media Lab’s Annual Summit, my peers rom Publicis Groupe and I will unveil a new project challenge.
September 30: Does twice make a tradition? It’s my second time speaking in Baltimore, and my second time doing so at an event with Don Steele. Down at Baltimore Advertising Week’s Digital Summit, I’ll be presenting some research from MRY’s new study on How We Connect to Our Cars and share what that means for mobile marketing, and also moderating a panel on Navigating the Evolving Digital Landscape with execs from LinkedIn, UMUC, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, and OpiaTalk.
October 1: At NewCo New York, where you can bounce around some of the most innovative companies, there are only two agencies you can visit, and MRY is one of them. Expect a riveting talk on predictive marketing. And some really good coffee, from what I hear (I prefer tea).
October 2: It’s Techweek, boys and girls, and I’ll be part of a fantastic panel on Wearable Technology: Changing the Way We Think, Act and Move, sitting alongside Jason Fass, Steve Jackson, and Hilary Topper.
October 2: In the evening, I’ll team up with my old friend Greg Galant at the Shorty Awards to host their Advertising Week Cocktail Bash. I may need to Vine something, or Hyperlapse it if someone from Facebook shows up. We can Hyperlapse each other vining. You can RSVP here.
October 9: I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of presenting in the fine state of Michigan. That will change, thanks to an event I’m keynoting, and I’ll share details on that soon too.
Then there’s a jaunt to Tel Aviv, Florence, and Rome. Recommendations welcome.
Looking ahead to November, any chance you’ll be in Madrid November 6? I will be reconnecting with Angel Gonzalez at The Future of Branding is #Now, featuring Leif Abraham, Alexandra Mecklenburg, and Alex Gibelalde.
November 13: Finally (for now), a long overdue trip to San Francisco is on the horizon when I join the M1 Summit. I may be planning a little something else in conjunction with my West Coast office, so contact me if you’re interested in hearing more should that all come together.

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