Optimize Your Demand Generation in 10 Weeks

Increase your B2B sales with minimal investment and a fast turnaround.

You Face

Growth-mode businesses need to get their messaging, positioning, inbound marketing, and outbound marketing humming.

For marketing, startups typically rely on:

  • Inexperienced talent (outsourced freelancers, junior hires)
  • Less-focused senior talent (founders who handle product, sales, marketing, operations, fundraising, etc)
  • High-priced hires / consultants (fractional or interim CMOs)

The result? You’re likely to either fail to reach the right prospects for your startup, you can’t get potential prospects to express their interest because they’re underwhelmed by your company’s presence, or you overpay for a lot of wasted time and energy with very little of it achieving the results you need.

The Solution

Streamline the most necessary elements of setting up sustainable demand generation programs with clearly-defined deliverables and timelines, using a repeatable process provided by accomplished professionals.

How Can We Help?

Using a 3-stage process over 10-week period, we will deliver you insights, plans, and training to optimize your marketing around growing sales.


Assess how well your marketing activities present you to your target customers.


Generate and capture inbound demand.


Equip your marketing and sales teams with resources to grow your business more effectively.

What Will You Get?



An assessment and overview of your company’s strengths and marketing priorities
Actionable buyer personas to reveal insights about your ideal customers and hone your sales prospecting
A content audit covering your website, social media, and sales enablement materials
Search engine optimization (SEO) audit
List of key verticals and customer targets



Actionable recommendations for positioning to improve online presence of your business
Messaging recommendations so you can effectively communicate your value to target audiences
Inbound recommendations to improve content marketing and audience engagement
Content calendar with a guide to specific recommendations for one-month period and further inspiration you can draw on
Sales enablement material recommendations



A full suite of recommendations assembled in a playbook you can turn to for many months ahead
All our marketing and content templates, methodologies, and evergreen resources for your team to use going forward
Half-day training session with your team (anyone you choose to include) to review all the findings and get instructions on how to apply these resources
Recommendations for the team structure
Recommendations for future marketing resources you should prioritize

About Serial Marketer

Serial Marketer generates demand for B2B growth-mode startups from brands and agencies.

Led by veteran agency and tech leader David Berkowitz, we are a creative, data-driven firm that thrives on connecting people, ideas, and technologies.

We take pride in proactively being resourceful to deliver results for our clients.

Meet the Team

Beyond skills and expertise, we bring hard work and commitment to help each one of our clients succeed.

Because your success is another success story for us too.


Jovana Kovac


With 10+ years experience, Jovana is a holistic marketer creating integrated marketing strategies for brands that cross departmental boundaries and ensure that business processes run in harmony with one another.


Jonecca San Pascual

Project Manager

Jonecca is a Licensed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner focused on teaching mind-programming techniques to be used in marketing and sales. She has helped companies produce better results and close more deals.

Why Do Businesses Choose Us?

We're a low-risk agency option.

Instead of being tied down to a 12-month contract, we are offering 3-month programs with clearly-defined deliverables.

We're the most cost-effective option.

We’ve streamlined our processes to provide high-quality services while cutting the fat that other agencies include in their offerings.

We produce real results.

We have leveraged the data from our winning campaigns to create a framework for success. You're not paying for "trial and error" but for tangible deliverables.

Trusted By

What Do They Say About Us?
"David has been an invaluable resource... He helped to keep Coca-Cola upon the latest trends while ensuring any recommendations were strategically aligned to drive business results. He always has gone above and beyond.”
Linda Cronin
VP Integrated Marketing Coca-Cola
"His finger is on the pulse of the startup world and should you ever need are commendation, he is quick to give you not only a name,but often an introduction. His knowledge benefits his colleagues, clients and the industry at large.”
Rosie Yakob
Partner Genius Steals
"Working beside David was truly a career changing experience. He has the strategy & vision to help guide & direct your team to achieve new heights and drive continual growth!"
Janet Rooney
Director of Sales Sysomos / Meltwater

Ready to Get Started?

The first step to effective demand generation is getting a deep understanding of how your business performs toward your goals. We can help you identify gaps in your demand generation strategy and provide recommendations for attracting, nurturing, closing, and delighting high-fit leads.

Schedule a call with us today and tell us about your business needs - no strings attached.