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With our online Master Class, creating a viable, successful marketing plan of your own has never been easier (or more affordable). For a one-time fee, you gain unlimited access to a database of tools, templates, and webinars that help you:

    • Audit and improve your current B2B marketing
    • Take advantage of social media best practices
    • Develop effective target customer personas
    • Create actionable, goal-oriented marketing plans
    • Customize templates to your brand

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DIY Demand Generation Course

Here are the units we’ll cover in this course:

  • Personas
  • Targeting & positioning
  • Assessing marketing readiness
  • Qualitative Content Audit (Content Grading)
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Building a High-Converting Marketing Funnel
  • The 18 Types of Startup Marketers
  • Generating demand from brands & agencies
  • Marketing Budget

Put 30+ Years
of Marketing Experience
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Serial Marketer’s Master Class provides unlimited access to a curated selection of marketing resources, courses, templates, and webinars. Compiled by Serial Marketer founder and veteran agency and tech leader David Berkowitz, and produced with his world-class team, the content puts everything you need to overhaul and optimize your B2B marketing within your reach.

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David is a true icon. His ability to connect, relate to and move his audience is inspiring to watch. He has the strategy & vision to help guide & direct your team to achieve new heights!”
Janet Rooney
Director of Sales Sysomos / Meltwater

Ready to save thousands in marketing costs?

You have a few different options when accelerating your marketing efforts:

Option 1:
Hire a Verified Pro

This method is great for businesses looking to take a big step forward, but it comes at a steep price tag and may be inaccessible to bootstrapped startups or cost-conscious services businesses.

Option 2:
Outsource to Amateurs

The internet is full of bargain-basement marketing solutions…but the majority of them are inexpensive for a reason (they don’t get results).

Option 3:
Handle Things Yourself

The DIY approach is cost- effective, but it also carries risk. As a business owner, do you know enough about online marketing to craft and execute the right plan?

There’s a smarter way forward….

With the curated material in this Master Class, you can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of trusted industry pros without paying per hour or per project.

The templates and other materials compiled by David and the Serial Marketer team give you everything you need to create a viable marketing strategy on your own while avoiding the common traps and pitfalls presented by under-qualified options.

In other words, you get a cost-effective blend of option 1 and option 3, created by respected digital marketers with 30+ years of experience.

"David has been an invaluable resource... He helped to keep Coca-Cola upon the latest trends while ensuring any recommendations were strategically aligned to drive business results. He always has gone above and beyond.”
Linda Cronin
VP Integrated Marketing Coca-Cola

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