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JetBlue: Revolutionary?

Jetblue017I’m excited to have finally flown JetBlue on this jaunt to OMMA Hollywood. With all the case studies written up about this company, you’d think the flight would be some remarkable travel experience.

The truth: it felt like just another airline. The free wi-fi at the JFK terminal wasn’t working, at least where I was sitting (no one near me could get on). The cranberry juice cans on the plane were 5.5oz, compared to the full 12oz can you get on major airlines. The bathroom was as dull as any airline bathroom. The legroom was no better than Continental, even in the "roomier" rows in the middle-rear of the plane.

In short, there’s nothing remarkable to write home about, except for two things:

1. The Terra Blue potato chips. I hope they have those at the Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods in Union Square. These things are outrageous. I don’t know what they’re frying those chips in, but my guess is it’s an imported substance from Afghanistan. Must have more chips. Mmmmm.

2. The front and rear exits on the plane. What kind of brain surgeon did it take to install a second door? And it’s not like these are the biggest planes you’ll ever sit in. It was a pleasant bonus at the end.

The DirecTV in the seats was a nice touch, as this was the first time I watched a show on either the History Channel or the National Geographic Channel. (To be fair, it wasn’t all academic; I also caught Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Texas edition). Yet I would have been just as happy with mediocre movies that didn’t require a $5 charge.

I know a lot of the hype around JetBlue is that it’s no frills, but it wasn’t more fun or more comfortable or even cheaper. Great chips though.

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    March 30, 2006

    Totally agree, it was an underwhelming experience. Nothing special. I really wish they’d add some sockets so that I could use my computer for a whole trip.

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    April 4, 2006

    JetBlue has jumped the shark.
    I have flown JB for almost two years and think it is the second-best airline after Song.
    Unfortunately, JB has now grown to a point where its demand for employees has stripped both its “hotness” and, frankly, the supply of good-natured, well-tempered folks that made the experience so memorable.
    As of now, the Airline is hiring from the same tepid pool as the majors, and it shows.
    Instead of the manic focus on cleanliness and service, expect a positively United-like disdain for customers and self-loathing. It is a real loss. Trust me.
    The big issue here is one of how to ever achieve a Seth Godin-like mastery of brand when the country is simply not providing a workforce the majority of whose members are capable of adequately executing on a job.


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