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  Who expected that when NFT.NYC was scheduled the same week as the Cannes Lions this June, it’s the ad execs who will be having way more fun? Not that it won’t be a good crowd for NFT Week. But it’s easier to get excited about crypto when all your NFTs keep doubling in value. Over in […]
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  Acting. Parenting. Tweeting. We’re going to talk about all three today because they relate. I was talking to my actor friend, Lindsay, who’s made an appearance in these columns before. I was telling her how excited my eight-year-old daughter was when she found a yoga blanket gathering dust in my entertainment console drawer and asked […]
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  I thought I was done joining any Zoom calls after normal business hours. But I made an exception for one, namely because it featured a marketer who I wanted to learn more about: my namesake. Yes, this David Berkowitz (not that David Berkowitz) was on a Zoom call that featured David Berkowitz (not that David […]
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I write this as I’m heading to Boston to give my first real-world talk in nearly three years, and of course, it’s about the metaverse. The good news is that when my friend running the Magnet Global agency community asked me to give this talk, in part because of musings shared in this very newsletter, I was […]
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  One of the stranger Twitter disputes that has somehow kept burning lately has been around the etiquette of using Calendly and other such apps for scheduling meetings. There’s an anti-Calendly faction out there that hates receiving Calendly links. The one person I connected with who was most offended by me offering a link to my Calendly calendar […]
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  Ever since attending NBCUniversal’s ONE22 developer conference this week where they made their case for how they’re ushering in the future of TV, entertainment, and advertising, I’ve wondered what it meant for all kinds of media traditional and emerging. At the same time, I’m prepping a talk – my first solo address in-person since 2019 – […]
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  2009 called. It wants its SXSW back. Thank goodness. First, a quiz… How many of these criteria apply to you? Pre-MySpace, you were on Friendster, maybe SixDegrees. Perhaps you were even on a BBS (or at least know what it stands for). You started blogging around 2003-2006. By 2006-2007, you were tinkering with Facebook […]
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  Pre-SXSW, I’ve got a bunch of updates for y’all that I’m itching to share. As a reminder, Serial Marketers is co-hosting our first-ever SXSW Marketer Mixer thanks to the generous support of Mediaocean and Prohaska Consulting. It’s Saturday, March 12, and I’d love to meet anyone who will be out in Austin. RSVP at https://sxsw-marketers.eventbrite.com/ (password: […]
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