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Bush, Channel Your Inner Geena

Maj_logo I’ve been meaning to post a couple links from The Madison Avenue Journal, the baby of Tim McHale. In a major coup, he landed Christina Kerley as one of the publication’s godmothers.

Want to read an angle totally different than anything else you’ll see on the Google vs. Feds flare-up? MAJ contemplates how this would go down if the Commander in Chief had two X chromosomes (ideally just an XX, not an XXY). 

"Google believes its position is living up to its public persona, while the Bush Administration believes they should not take ‘no’ for an answer," Mr. Berkowitz said. "Right now, it’s an intense match on each side and in the media. [If the president was a woman], the public debate and legal positions on each side would be much more diplomatic," he said.

My term for the type of match was a little more vulgar; it’s good to know some people in this business have class.

The piece you really need to read is Christina Kerley’s interview with Al Ries on divergence. But if I keep blogging about it, I’ll miss my flight to Phoenix.

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