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McDonald’s Social Media Case Study Presented at BDI – Tweet Roundup

I didn’t get to blog the McDonald’s case study from today’s Business Development Institute (BDI) The Social Consumer: B2C Case Studies and Roundtables event. Instead, I’ve curated the best tweets (plus a few of my own, since it’s my blog, so there). The speaker here is Heather Oldani, Director, Communications, McDonald’s U.S.A., L.L.C..

Heather Oldani, Director, Communications, McDonald's U.S.A., L.L.C.. at BDI social consumer b2c  case studies

Twitter feed at BDI Social Consumer Case Study - get your tweets here

mpranikoff: Attending the #BDI conference in NYC this morning. Lots of great peeps here – like @prnewswire ! Shld b good.

kaplowpr: Wow! Protestor takes the stage as @mcdonalds starts keynote case study – drama! #bdi

dberkowitz: At #bdi heckler takes stage and shouts at mcdonalds speaker and plugged mccruelty.com. heather from mcd was unfazed

mcdpartners: Attempted heckler here vs. McDonald’s speaker was kind of pathetic – mumbling a paragraph makes you sound drunk. #bdi

KennethEd: I totally thought chicken girl was some sort of educational skit #bdi (I did too, but then the skit went on too long)

PR_ShopTalk: McDonald’s ranks 32 out of the top 100 “most social” brands according to McD’s Social Media Guru, EATHER OLDANI #bdi

dberkowitz: Mcdonalds mentioned every 5 to 10 seconds online, every 10 to 20 seconds on twitter #bdi

RobLongert: #bdi Per @heather04 – Who owns social media? Customer owns comms channels and companies have the privilege to participate in them

wisepr: Not one dept owns SM says mcdonalds. Cust srvc, media, comm, etc. Don’t see HR in there though. ? #bdi

SiobhanDullea: #bdi McD’s has "conversation agents" to drive social media convos

RobLongert: Mickey Ds digital strategy per @heather04 – Go to them, be multidimensional, continue engagements, be transparent #bdi

chris_robison: Heather from mcdonalds. Go to your customers. Don’t build microsites time and again and hope they come to you. #bdi

sandrafathi: McDonalds using Radian6 to monitor SM and using a scorecard to measure conversations. We do too! #bdi

SiobhanDullea: #bdi McDk’s looking at bebo but outside US. US mainly FB and twitter

dberkowitz: marketing strategy for McDonald’s includes Second Life… Grimace would get along SO well with the furries #bdi

prnewswire: Twitter is a hub for conversation with customers, says @McDonalds#bdi

BrentLeary: @mcdonalds is uses localized twitter handles like @mcdonaldsatl for the folks in th atl. #bdi

megabucks11: wow- mcdonalds only has been on twitter for 5 months… Although trying to get localized content #bdi

thenotoriousmeg: wow even mcdonalds had to engage with customers on existing soc media, when they built their own, no one came. #bdi

jmp48: McDonalds says they have 6 to 8 Customer Service reps monitoring their Tweets around Customer Satisfaction. #bdi

BrentLeary: @Mcdonalds is also put this site together – StationM.comhttp://bit.ly/11Bgxa. #bdi (site is designed as a network and resource for employees – www.stationm.com )

sparklingruby: Ask yourself "how can we effectively engage" vs "should we engage" mcdonalds #bdi

dberkowitz: mcdonald’s says myspace is important more as a "music portal" and ceded social networking to facebook #bdi (checking other tweets, it may have been “music entertainment portal” – I stand corrected)

PR_ShopTalk: Key takeaways from McDonald’s Social Media strategy: Be flexible/nimble to new trends & open to feedback, be open and willing to listen #bdi

An aside: What I didn’t see in the tweets, oddly enough, was a mention of Voice of McDonald’s, the company’s American Idol-style competition with 12 finalists from 9 countries. http://vom.mcdonalds.com/&;

Heather Oldani, Director, Communications, McDonald's U.S.A., L.L.C.. at BDI social consumer b2c  case studies

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    November 17, 2009

    Hi David–It was interesting to read your post. I just wanted to add an update on the Voice of McDonald’s. There are 30 semifinalists from 17 countries on the voting site at http://www.mcdonalds.com/voice, and they need your votes! Help select the top 12 who will go to Orlando next April for our McDonald’s convention and compete for the $25,000 grand prize.
    Joe Curry
    Corporate Communications
    McDonald’s Corporation


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