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Science + Culture = Coolest Blog Design Ever

This “wow” experience comes from the Magazine Publishers of America’s Digital Awards.
Seed magazine put together a blog covering science and culture that’s one of the most awesome feats of web design I’ve seen.  Here’s how Seed describes its Phylotaxis blog:

Related to the Fibonacci Sequence, Phylotaxis (Phyllos – leaf, Taxis
– order) is the study of the ordered position of leaves on a plant
stem, and also applies to the shape of pinecones, and the dispersion of
seeds on the flat head of a sunflower. Seed has chosen this shape to represent the perfect synthesis of science and culture.

Works for me. I’m just mystified by it.

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Comments to: Science + Culture = Coolest Blog Design Ever
  • March 7, 2007

    I’m glad there are blogs like that out there that are promoting the sciences. We are experiencing a very serious brain drain in the US, and unless we can instill interest in science and engineering in our children, we are going to continue to lose jobs to other countries.


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