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A New Favorite Read: Word of Mouth Marketing

I’m still rolling out my favorite reads from last year, but I can’t resist posting a more current one to add to the mix: Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking by Andy Sernovitz, founder of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. Here’s a review I posted on Amazon:

Andy Sernovitz crams in more real world examples per page than I can
ever recall reading anywhere. He keeps the focus practical. The book is
subtitled "How Smart Companies Get People Talking," and the reader will
feel like he or she can help make their own company smarter.

book reads much like the clear, concise tomes from Seth Godin, who
not-so-coincidentally penned this book’s forward. While much of the
focus of the book is online marketing, given the low barriers for
spreading worth of mouth through the internet, Sernovitz’s guidance
applies to any channel, as well as any industry.

Within hours of
putting this book down, I’ve been citing the book to my own colleagues
and drawing examples for client presentations. It’s one I’ll keep on my
shelf for reference and will recommend to others (I’ll sooner buy
colleagues the book rather than loan it, as I’ll want to keep my own
marked up copy close at hand).

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