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Bees and Caffeine: All Buzz

AkeelahTurns out Akeelah and the Bee, backed by some hypercaffeinated buzz from Starbucks, didn’t do as well scoring box office bling, coming in at on the weekend charts, even though it had a higher theater count than the and movies this week, United 93 and Stick It. Still, Starbucks is very excited about  playing more in the movie marketing business.

Movies_akeelah_united_rv The top image: a promotional e-mail from Starbucks. The second one is a report from Icerocket’s trendwatching tool. Buzz and bling don’t always go hand in hand, as the top box office grocer, RV, scored about as much buzz as Akeelah. Meanwhile, runner up United 93 won the buzz but not the box.

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