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Blog Spam Wins – Comment Verification Required

For months, I’ve resisted requiring people to verify their comments through ‘captcha’ or some related means (captcha is the image with the random alphanumeric string you have to enter). I even tried banning individual IP addresses and trigger words (like viagra/v1agra). I had two main reasons for resisting:

  1. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for anyone to leave a comment.
  2. I don’t always stick around to verify a comment after I submit it. I’m often writing comments on other blogs when I’m rushing through the my favorite blogs and pausing to share some feedback on certain posts, and I’ll often hit submit and then move on, only to discover hours later that my comment never went through. I’m sure if I was eight they’d put me on meds for that.

Filtering comment spam has become too onerous, and the manual hacks weren’t working. Your comments are always welcomed and encouraged though, but now I’ll ask you stick around a few seconds longer to make sure your comment goes through.

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