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  Brought to you by: AIMG’s 5/9 event with Neuralift —AI for Segmentation: Unparalleled Precision with Transformative Time to Value—————————————————- What do Amtrak and the Humane AI pin have in common? A wanton disregard of the customer experience. One of them, at least, has enough going for it to survive despite their oversights. But with both, I […]
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  Brought to you by:How Agencies are Using AI for Ad Data Analysis (join us!)—————————————————- You know the 80-20 rule, right? Ever since reading Richard Koch’s book “The Natural Laws of Business” in 2001, I have seen the rule everywhere. But as I’ve journeyed into fractional CMO work, I discovered a dimension of it that I […]
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  It isn’t Twitter anymore Brought to you by: Ramp (“spending made smarter”)—————————————————- The Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel upended the nation, region, and world in all kinds of devastating ways. While I stand with the victims of terrorist attacks, I have a hard enough time making sense of topics like marketing and AI, so the Middle […]
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  How polite are you to your AI? Brought to you by: Ramp (“spending made smarter”)—————————————————- Pardon me.I’m working on my manners with you. And I should apologize, as between my sermon the week before and this edition, I’ve spent the past week in St. Louis awaiting the opening of “Dr. Ride’s American Beach House” at the […]
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  Brought to you by: Ramp (“spending made smarter”)—————————————————- Putting the “AI” in “Rabbi” In the beginning, if you wanted to compare humans and humankind to another category, you’d likely go in one of two directions. They’re spelled out, conveniently, in a single biblical verse. Here’s 1:26 (per JPS, “The Contemporary Torah”): “And God said, ‘Let us make humankind […]
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  Great news: after spending a few days at SXSW, I am now an expert on SBV and the global banking system. Isn’t everybody? Maybe not. But I did get to witness the first-ever SXSW Interactive where bankers were the most sought-after celebs. At this SXSW, for about 72 hours, instead of AI and GPT, all […]
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