Why the New Design? #Mobilegeddon!

It turns  out that as much as I've been talking about where mobile media, marketing, and technology are heading, I haven't exactly been eating my own dog food.  Thanks to a Facebook post by Jeremiah Owyang, I found the Google tool to assess if a site is mobile-friendly. Mine wasn't. At all. It was terrible.  […]

Ian Chee Has a Blog

My colleague Ian Chee, MRY's Chief Strategy Officer, now has a blog. He says I inspired him to do it. Ten years after I started blogging, others are still coming on board. Welcome to the blogosphere, Ian! Did I mention he's really smart? See his piece on the Instagram Rule of 11 as Exhibit A. […]

New TypePad Search – look to your right

New from TypePad – its own search functionality: So what’s being added to the search index? Pretty much everything that deals with the content on your blog. For this initial release, we provided the ability for readers to search for posts, pages and comments within your blog by keyword.  via beta.typepad.com This is long overdue […]

Conference Blogging Policies Need Updating

Conference blogging continues to fill a strange niche. In many ways, conference tweeting is overtaking it; far more people actively tweet events these days than blog them. Events I’ve participated in have taken a mixed approach to welcoming bloggers, from those that treat bloggers like press to those that don’t welcome them at all. I […]

Coca-Cola Brings Conversations to BDI’s Social Communications: The Case Studies

This post was originally published on 360i’s Digital Connections blog. At the Business Development Institute’s NYC event today Social Communications: The Case Studies, The Coca-Cola Company’s Director of Heritage Communications Philip Mooney shared a presentation on Coca-Cola Conversations – Connecting an Iconic Brand to its Fans. He focused on his experience in the first year […]