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Blogging from WidgetCon

As tempting as it was today to play hooky, crib notes of others’ blogs, and pretend I went to WidgetCon, I’m actually here, blogging what I believe is my first post from a movie theater, one of the theaters downtown where they host the Tribeca Film Festival. Seeing WidgetCon on the marquis cracked me up on the way in (photos will have to come later – this is a movie theater, and the space is only so luxurious to balance a handful of digital toys).

I’ll post the best of what’s going on here today, perhaps with occasional updates on Twitter and Pownce if the wifi holds up. If you’re so inclined, send any comments you want me to ask the panelists – a new form of virtual, interactive conference participation. I’ll of course post the answers as close as I can to real-time.

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