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Branded Experiences on Social Networks Panel at Social Ad Summit

Branded Experiences on Social Networks
* Ian Schafer, Deep Focus (moderator)
* Deborah Korb, JP Morgan
* Scott Monty, Ford
* Don Steele, MTVN

Deep Focus – quick stats:
* $1.4 billion spent on social networks this year, 5.5% of online ad spending
* Spending growth for social more than doubles online ad growth
* MySpace said hypertargeting doubled CPMs, 75% of advertisers who tried it returned for more

MTVN – Don: Fully understands how users engage with brands, share them, must make sure spending is part of real strategy. All in on social media – apps, sponsorships, etc – will probably spend over $500,000 across all sites and brands.

JP Morgan – Deborah: Big on Using Facebook for recruiting strategy. Taking money from print.Shifted US spend heavily online, now starting to happen in Asia. Boosted application rates, eventattendance by turning one thing off and another on.

Ford – Scott: Was previously with Crayon. Has oversight to all company’s social media efforts, andbridges IT, customer service, etc. Ford’s moving slowly into digital, he’s speeding it up.

Moderator: What is the distinction between communication and advertising with social media?

Ford: Fine line. Most marketers think in terms of campaigns, social media is more of a commitment.

MTVN: Looks at lifetime value is of applications. They’re targeting fans of existing shows. Askingagencies what it will take to get 10K people to fan a new show, group, etc. His bosses drive onWest Side Highway and see billboards and think they’ve done a good job. Online they can tell peoplewho’s seeing the ads and what people are doing with them. From a brand marketer, it’s great to sayit will cost you X to do something.

Moderator: What pushes company to switch marketing channels?

JP Morgan: Metrics, targeting, viral nature, potential impact. Says that fear struck awhile backwhen implementing email. Can’t wait until ti’s too late.

Ford: Microsites won’t go away. Information wants to be free from confines of a microsite. Give people widgets, embeddable content. Make it distributable.

MTVN: Big garden metaphor. Applications we’re building aren’t just about getting people to watch a show or go to a site. Facebook – did app where you can give people tip of the hat or wag of the finger relating to Colbert Report. Also, offers embeddable video player for all brands. 4.5 million video views of recent Daily Show Sarah Palin video. 3 million of those happened off Comedy Central properties.

Moderator: What about control issues?

Ford: To mitigate it, choose communities where you engage. Ford chose to provide branded vehicles to Sims 2. 4.3 million downloads of personal branded vehicles were made, got comments from users thanking creators to make Sims experience more real.

Moderator: Sponsor or branded app:

JP Morgan: Would rather build. Control issue.

Ford: Yes. There are many ways to go, not either/or. Challenge is resources.

MTVN: Try to do all angles. If goal is to get 20 million eyeballs, must do advertising wherepossible.

Moderator: When/how do you make choice between MySpace and Facebook?

JP Morgan: For them, brand experience on Facebook is right for their campaign. Fit brand better.

MTVN: MySpace is tremendous home for user-generated content where people express themselves. Greatfor their comedians. Fortunately people don’t mind Comedy Central ads on social networks.

Moderator: Do people mind Ford advertising?

Ford: Still learning, but hasn’t heard anything negative. At least tolerant. Lots of enthusiast clubs, communities. What’s our audience? People who drive? Must do lots of microtargeting based on product rollouts, green initiatives, etc.

Moderator: What about mobile, location-based social networking?

MTVN: Lots of people are starting to interact via mobile. Getting more interested in using it. Must just be showing the Palin clip on an iPhone. It’s about making content as portable as they want it to be.

Ford: Experimented with MySpace Mobile – was exclusive launch for auto section on mobile. 4-5% lift in aided, unaided awareness. 15% lift in purchase consideration. Was there to talk about new products but also new technology.

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    September 16, 2008

    Hey David – great seeing you today. Thanks for providing this nice summary of the session. I think you caught even more of it than I did. 😉


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