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BRITE: TV 2.0, Online Video, and the Future of UGC

We end BRITE with big guns:

“TV 2.0, Online Video, and the Future of  User-Generated Content”

      Aaron   Cohen, CEO, Bolt.com; Jeff Pulver,Chairman and Founder, Pulver Media & Pulver TV,  Steve Rosenbaum, Founder and CEO,  Magnify.net, Stephen Voltz, EepyBird.com; Moderator: Yaron Samid, Co-founder, Pando Networks

Aaron: Now CEO of Menupages

Voltz from Eepybird: 2-person company, and the famous Diet Coke & Mentos video got viral by them telling one person (Voltz’s brother) who told someone who got it on Fark, and then it spread to Slashdot, and days later they got a call from Letterman

Pulver: Believes in fear, greed, and disruption – "If you get them in the right order, you can make a lot of money."

Aaron: People who grew up with the internet are now coming into power.

Steve – Magnify: When marketers create contests, it implies consumers are being put to work for them. The bigger opportunity is to create values for consumers.

EepyBird: At first Mentos was really aggressive about wanting to do something, but Coke was very standoffish. (Watch the video here.) Diet Coke sales of 2-liter bottles went up 5-10%. With Mentos, sales went up 15% for the year. "The content creators have not been paid. Everyone is making money."

Q from audience: How should brand marketers use your tech?

Steve from Magnify: "The challenge for marketers is it’s labor intensive" because of audience fragmentation.  If he was a media buyer with 300 ad networks lining up, he said, "I’d shoot myself."

Eepy: To sell product, use "deep branding." "If people like what you do they will find out about where it came from." "The brands were there but they were not front and center. The content’s front and center."

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