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Digital Hollywood dinner with Peter Hirschberg

Moblogging dinner panel @DH. Contentious panel about widgets, UGC etc. Sitting next to who is taking pics.

Big issues around display ads online dying. What works? Marc Canter seems to think all ads suck. MC: none of these things have to do with making money. Some debate as to quality of chicken at dinner.

Sun Jen Yung: much of social media is unmonetizable. Peter: need balance between annoying and inviting. Shawn Gold mentions Rockyou and Slide as scalable — but they still sell display ads.

Widgets: fad or trend?

Peter has everyone say: Widgets suck because… Shawn doesn’t think they suck. Marc: they’re foundation for distributed web. Others say they suck. Marc is a little hard to listen to since he sounds like he’s constantly doing a bad Ah-nold impersonation. I dare him to say ”It’s not a tumor! or ”Chill out.” Shlock Ah-nold, not Terminatuh.

Jennifer Cooper of Mixercast: good social widgety interactive campaigns make more static display campaigns better. Audience: users will make ads in future. Me: bs.

Shawn Gold then talks about some happy widgty shangrila. I bet there are ponies.

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