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Email Tips from 32,000 Feet Up

I’m writing this post flying back from Digital Hollywood in Santa Monica, and as TypePad lets you submit posts via email, we’ll see if this syncs up and goes live as soon as I’m back online.

It’s a fitting time to share a strategy I’m trying to get more organized while in-flight.

One of the biggest problems I have while going over email in the air is that a decent percentage of emails include links I want to access, mostly from news sources. Usually, there will just be one or two links in a given newsletter I’ll want to access, but the rest I can sufficiently scan and delete. That leaves me with a lot of waste when I get back to the office – perhaps a dozen or more of those messages clogging up my inbox, and then I have to sift through each one to remember which link I wanted to return to.

Instead, I’m trying a different route. For any of these newsletters, I’m copying the important links or sections into a single email that I’ll send to myself. Then I can delete all those newsletters to clear up some inbox clutter, and I can read through all those links in one shot when I have a few minutes to digest them when I’m back.

Do you have any good tips for in-flight inbox management that work for you? Share away.

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    June 15, 2007

    I don’t have any tips, but confer a complimentary problem: writing. My writing habits now are so linked to linking — and of course, researching in course — that I find it nearly impossible to write on planes. Is writing now an activity contingent upon a network?


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