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The Google Alphabet (or, G is for Google)

Google_font_abc When using Google Suggest, the feature in Google Labs that suggests new search terms as you type, Google will recommend queries when you type a single letter.

What would an alphabet book look like according to Google? It would be sponsored by Web 2.0 companies, include a number of retailers, and provide a pretty decent snapshot of the alphabet we all need to learn. It even includes a reference to sexually explicit content (see X), though if this really reflected the distribution of queries, we’d see a few more porn-themed letters than that. Additionally, 16 of the 26 queries here are specifically Web-related; the other 10 have some foundation offline.

And now, here’s the alphabet according to Google:

A is for Amazon
B is for Bebo
C is for Craigslist
D is for Dictionary
E is for eBay
F is for Facebook
G is for Google
H is for Hotmail
I is for IMDB
J is for Jobs
K is for Kelly Blue Book
L is for Lyrics
M is for MySpace
N is for Next
O is for Orkut
P is for Photobucket
Q is for Quotes
R is for Runescape
S is for Sears
T is for Target
U is for U Tube
V is for Verizon
W is for Wikipedia
X is for X Tube
Y is for YouTube
Z is for Zip Codes

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Comments to: The Google Alphabet (or, G is for Google)
  • June 14, 2007

    Interesting findings, David. It would seem that this would mesh well with Battelle’s statements that for many Google is where the web starts today.

  • October 13, 2007

    I just finished a page that provides real-time google alphabet results through google suggest at http://www.davidj.org/docs/google_alphabet.html and thought you might like it!


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