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When I joined MRY last year, one of the selling points of the CMO role was that Matt Britton said I’d be a mentor here to hundreds of potential thought leaders.

Around the time I joined, MRY was planning to start its blog, and there was the idea that everyone should ultimately contribute to it. I liked it in theory, but I know blogging’s not for everyone. Heck, I can still improve at it quite a bit, and I’ve been blogging for ten years already.

Instead, I liked the idea that everyone contributes to their brand in their own way. Design a logo. Work on the website or a mobile app. Set up for our events we host. Speak at an event. 

As part of a report for an all-agency event we just held, my team put together a reel that shows a small taste of how scores of people have contributed in their own way. It’s hard to describe how fulfilling this is – fostering the kind of environment where people are so proud of the extra time and effort they put in to take part in something above and beyond their day to day roles. 

Here’s what it all looks like:





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