Marketing a Startup vs. Marketing an Agency

This was originally published in Adweek, albeit with a much longer title So, you’re considering taking on a marketing leadership role, perhaps as a chief marketing officer. You see two potential paths: rising the ladder at an agency or taking on a startup job. Each route has its peaks and pitfalls, and as someone who […]

Join Serial Marketers on Slack

Want to connect with fellow serial marketers? One of my summer projects, launching in July, will be the Serial Marketers group on Slack. I’ve been meeting more phenomenal people lately who are sharing great resources (including articles and technologies), hiring, organizing events, and otherwise doing work that should be shared and socialized further. Anyone in […]

The Rebirth of Advertising

La French Touch, a conference series connecting French entrepreneurs around the world, invited me to speak at their NYC event in June and gave me 20 minutes to talk about anything I wanted regarding marketing. After toying around with some ideas, the presentation ultimately became The Rebirth of Advertising. It was originally dubbed “The End […]

6 Characteristics of Great Storymaking

originally published in Ad Age – read the published version there and share away    Six Characteristics of Great Storymaking It's easy to call storytelling a cliché, but how exactly can one move beyond it when storytelling is entrenched as the epitome of what defines great marketing? In previous Ad Age columns and during the Ad Age Digital […]