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Google Base: Domination Plan Continues on Schedule

I’ve become rather passionate about the potential for Google Base. It’s also fun seeing some predictions about where it’s going unfold faster than expected. Note my previous column on Base compared with an excerpt from a MediaPost article that ran today.

MediaPost today: Google Base also created landing pages for employment listings that it receives via feeds from major job sites like CareerBuilder.com and LinkedIn.com. Previously, search results from those sites linked directly to those pages, whereas this week, they have begun linking to landing pages similar to those made for ads posted by individuals or small businesses.
My take on it (though with the excerpts rearranged for clarity): In the short term, there are many other beneficiaries in the Internet economy. Job postings refer back to sites like CareerBuilder. Listings for cars, recipes, and personals all link elsewhere… Base in its current form is the rising tide that lifts all sites… The moral here is that Google’s doing the other online giants a favor right now, but over the long haul, Base will be a thorn in their side that could shed serious blood.

Ultimately, the base game-changer will be the much-anticipated Google Wallet, which will essentially be Google’s version of PayPal. Thus, Google’s gearing up to take on eBay in more ways than one.

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