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I Hate Michael Arrington, and Other Web 2.0 Expo Updates

A few quick takes from the Web 2.0 Expo:

  • I’m at lunch now with Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. I told him he’s my least favorite person here. Why? His post on Desktop Tower Defense, the new most addictive game ever. If my column doesn’t come out tomorrow, blame it on Arrington.
  • Quite a few of the people I’ve seen here are folks I first met at Frost & Sullivan conferences – Jeremiah Owyang of PodTech, Brett Crosby of Google Analytics, Avinash Kaushik of his own web analytics consulting empire. Those events might not have had a ton of people, but they were great for making some connections.
  • I shared a cab to the event with a guy from the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce website. He said that even during tax season, more people are going to his site for paperwork on starting/growing a business.
  • Want to see who’s still back on Web 1.0? Hint: they’re not using a Mac. I first heard it from LeeAnn Prescott of Hitwise, who’s speaking here along with Bill Tancer.
  • I had the Oriental chicken salad for lunch. It came with a fortune cookie. My fortune: "A liar is not believed even though he tell the truth." On the back, it says something in Chinese, presumably a translation (not the "learn Chinese" thing you tend to see on other fortunes). It probably says something like, "Stop blogging and get back to the conference, you ninny." I wonder what the Chinese word for "ninny" is anyway.

More later. If you are around the Bay Area, meet one of the other 225+ people watching or attending my get together tonight: http://upcoming.org/event/157357/ . Say you heard about it from the blog and I’ll buy you a beer.

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