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Internet Week Schedule

It’s Internet Week in New York!
Because, well, the United Nations has a day (October 24) every year, and the internet is seven times more important than the UN.
If you’re in town, or you just like virtual stalking, here are some updates of where I’ll be, so send a line if you’re local (though admittedly the schedule’s pretty nuts right now given some meetings, and the whole day job – hi clients).
Wednesday, June 4:
* Internet Marketing Conference – mobile marketing day. Going as an attendee and can’t wait to learn a ton and meet some mobile pros.
* Speaker dinner for Advertising 2.0 by Digital Hollywood and Ad Age)
Thursday, June 5:
* Speaking at Advertising 2.0
12:30 PM – 1:45 PM
Session B:
Creativity and Content in a Social Universe: Communicating in a Social
Media, User Generated Media, Twitter and Texting World
Dr. Augustine Fou, SVP, Digital Lead, MRM Worldwide, McCann Worldgroup
Ian Schafer, President and Founder, Deep Focus
 Ellen Kolstö, Senior Marketplace Planner, GSD&M’s Idea City
Mark Lewis, Strategic Planning Director, DDB San Francisco
Michael Litchfield, Director of Interactive, Doremus San Francisco
Paul Beck Senior Partner, Worldwide, Executive Director, Interactive Marketing & Advertising Ogilvy
David Berkowitz, Director, Emerging Media, 360i, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here
Friday, June 6:
* Mashable Exhibit Hall – 6-10pm (I’ll be there on the early side
Mon / Tues June 9-10
* Some mobile-themed parties
I might be missing a few things but that’s a good starting point.
You can also see my upcoming events listed here, including five events July through October spanning Colorado, San Jose, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and NYC. If there are any events you’re going to that you a) are really excited about, b) think I’d be interested in, or c) would want me to take part in in some way, please let me know – just email marketersstudio (@) gmail (dot) com. You can also connect with me on Twitter – @davidberkowitz.

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    June 4, 2008

    I will be representing E.Factor at the Mashable event. Come and say hello!


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