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Jeff Pulver's Social Media Jungle and BRITE Conference 2009 – Two Great Events for Your Calendar

Jeff pulverJeff Pulver image by TheFemGeek via FlickrI&;m already really excited about the event lineup for 2009. You can see where I&39;m speaking (five events in January and February), but I do get to other events where I can shut up and listen (and of course even when I&39;m speaking, it&39;s only an hour on stage where I have to sound smart).

I want to focus on two coming up that you might find interesting; I&39;ll be at both.

The first is Jeff Pulver&39;s Social Media Jungle at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show). I went to Pulver&39;s first Jungle at his office in Long Island earlier this year, and it was one of the most talked about events I&39;ve been to. That&39;s partially because the 40-odd movers and shakers in attendance were so chatty that we literally crashed Twitter – something that&39;s fortunately becoming harder to do. CES should be somewhat bigger (it&39;s Vegas, after all).

The event&39;s somewhat in the unconference mold – few powerpoints, lots of big ideas, people there to really communicate important things about social media with other people.

Read more on Pulver&39;s blog, and register through CES (cheaper before Jan 2).

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The other event is BRITE 09 – with BRITE standing for BRanding, Innovation, and TEchnology. A good fit for those of us in the online marketing biz, eh? It&39;s March 4-5 in NYC at Columbia University.

I went to their 08 event and made a lot of great contacts, from the speakers to the bloggers to the attendees. Some sessions were more relevant for me than others, which is par for the course for anything, but on the whole it brought a good crowd together.

Speakers at the next one include the guru&39;s guru Seth Godin, the adorable and brilliant German professor/author Bernd Schmitt, and senior folks from AmEx, LinkedIn, and Bravo TV. Pretty cool, eh?

For full disclosure, in exchange for blogging this I get a free pass, and I went for free last year too in exchange for covering it. Yet as you know if you&39;ve seen my media sponsorship policy, I only plug events that I&39;m familiar with first-hand, and really, the only way I can justify my time going to such events is if they&39;re great and really worth going to. And I repeat I am going to this one.

In the meantime, enjoy your 15% discount with the code briteblog09.

Brite blogger-badge

Let me know if you plan to go to either event.

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    January 4, 2009

    Looking forward to seeing you at the SMJCES!


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