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Manifesto Review: How to Fame – At Its Best when Fame Takes a Backseat to Personal Branding


Richard Laermer, founder and CEO of RLM PR and no stranger to fame, just published a manifesto of sorts through Change This, How to Fame: Stand Out/Get Ahead/That Simple. I&;ve enjoyed a lot of Laermer&39;s work since reading his book Full Frontal PR years back, though I was a little hesitant to dive into something about fame, a subject that can get a little too shallow for my tastes, especially in a how-to guide.

This latest publication had two things going for it:

First, it&39;s short. I could stomach fifteen pages on fame from him.

Second, and more importantly, it&39;s not really about fame. Or, the definition of fame here is so different from how I tend to think of it. Instead, it&39;s a guide to personal branding, a subject I find far more useful, universal, and meaningful than trying to be famous for fame&39;s sake.

On to the notes:

Page 7 has the best summary, the one some people may want to print out and stick on their cubicle or office wall. Laermer calls it the &39;keys to fame,&39; but I don&39;t think there&39;s much relating to fame in authenticity, proactivity, and polish.

The publication felt like two separate stories
1) There&39;s 1-11 and 14-17 (combined). These sections&0160;seemed like they were about personal branding and authenticity. I&39;m not sure what the difference here is between either of those concepts (take your pick) and what&0160;was referenced here as&0160;fame. I&39;m not even sure why the word fame&39;s involved.
2) There&39;s 12-13, which is all about fame, and specifically Internet fame – "You say you want to be an internet star?" it beckons. I get how authenticity helped the people featured here, but it also seems like there&39;s more to it for them, and for them it wasn&39;t just about being more fulfilled in their jobs. That might make for a good story in its own right, but it&39;s completely separate, and I could do without it here.

As for the personal branding part, Frank&39;s story that you&39;ll read is more grounded, and there&39;s some useful advice and good reminders, and&0160;it&39;s worth at least a few minutes checking it out, if not far more time should it resonate.


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