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Media Sponsorship Policy Reviewed

CK, one of the toughest critics when it comes to social media and marketing best practices, reviews my Media Sponsorship Policy on her blog (the policy’s posted here). She posted her review after an email back and forth where she also made a few great suggestions for improving it, so it’s stronger now than it was a few days ago.

Her coverage is some of the most gratifying coverage I’ve received. She writes:

Why am I pleased? Because of:

  • How David is looking to add value to his blog (clever!) while bringing value to his readers.
  • How his new sponsorship is rooted in an authentic passion of his–seriously, that dude gets around a lot, and speaks at and attends conferences left, right and center.
  • How upfront and respectful his policy is of his blog’s audience.
  • How responsive he has been to all my questions and recommendations.

Read her whole entry for how this connects to her three-point (or four-point) paradigm for bloggers accepting freebies.

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    April 28, 2008

    We’re all breaking new ground, pal. And in a medium where we come to rely upon one another–be it for the latest marketing news, a hot new tip on a social media tool, or the best way to handle a marketing project–we rely upon one another for honest feedback.
    So your conference coverage really helps me (and, I’m sure, many others) as we can’t be in a zillion places at once…and yet through our blogs we can now have multiple perspectives. So I think your sponsorship program is a very clever idea–and I’m really glad it’s done with putting your readers first. Not that I would ever imagine you would conduct it any other way.
    But it’s nice to have more ‘tangible’ good models to point clients and colleagues to–and I so appreciate how responsive you were to my questions and recommendations. Please keep us updated on how it’s working out.


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