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More Stars than the Big Dipper: Solutions Stars Video Conference Next Wednesday

Geoff Livingston and David BerkowitzImage by toprankonlinemarketing via FlickrOne of the fun things I got to do at Blog World Expo was meet up with Network Solutions superconnector Shashi Bellamkonda and Now is Gone best-selling author Geoff Livingston (that’s Geoff and me to the right, and Geoff was working it right here – good going!).
Geoff was at the Network Solutions booth filming a series of video interviews, and I basically crashed it. They were kind enough to humor me and have me sit for a video interview. I haven’t seen the finished product yet, but I’ll get to see it the same time you do: Wednesday, October 29 at 1pm EST.
That’s right, it’s the Network Solutions Solutions Stars Video Conference (and no, I don’t get paid every time I mention Network Solutions, but Shashi, we can try to work something out). They’ve got this lineup of 31 of the smartest people I know (okay, I don’t know all of them – some of them benefit from the halo effect), plus one guy who snuck in.
I’ll be participating for as much of the event as I can, following my session at Digital Hollywood in Santa Monica that morning. Below’s the pertinent info from the site. Be sure to head back to the site next Wednesday at 1pm EST to take part. The full list of interviewees is in the extended entry.
Pertinent info:

On October, 29, 2008 from 1 p.m. until approximately 3:30 p.m. EST.
, Network Solutions proudly presents the “Solutions Stars Video
Conference,” a series of videos and live discussions featuring 32 of
the world’s leading business and marketing experts. The live video
conference will coach small business owners and entrepreneurs on how
the Internet can benefit their business. Nine content areas featuring
vignettes of the Solutions Stars will run during the conference:

  • Building Web Presence
  • The Social Opportunity
  • Start with Listening
  • Strategy Drives Outreach
  • You Need Social Networks
  • To Blog or Not to Blog
  • Visibility Through Search
  • Rising Above the Noise
  • Time Demands

Attendees will be able to watch individual videos based on their
content area preference or view the conference in its entirety. While
the videos are streaming, viewers will be able to chat online with the
Network Solutions team (Social Media Swami Shashi Bellamkonda and Now
Is Gone Author Geoff Livingston), or participate in a live public chat.
Select video participants will also be in the chat.
with ooVoo, a popular online video chat and conference network, Network
Solutions will run the “Solutions Stars Video Conference” on October 29.
Please visit the “Solutions Stars Video Conference” event pages on Facebook and Upcoming:


Here are the stars you’ll find at the event:

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Comments to: More Stars than the Big Dipper: Solutions Stars Video Conference Next Wednesday
  • Avatar
    October 29, 2008

    Hi Dave,
    It is always good to meet you and Blog World Expo is another example of our paths crossing. Thank you for participating and helping us spread the word about the Solutions Star Video conference today Oct 29th. We are excited with the help we received from experts like yourself to talk about how Small Business can use new media and tools. The commitment as Network Solutions Social Media Swami is to earn Karma points for Network Solutions by enabling a conversation between the experts and small business.
    Shashi Bellamkonda
    Social Media Swami | Network Solutions


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