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Moving in to Ask City

I’m checking out the new Ask.com Ask City service, and I’m impressed with what you can do. I just found a great listing of events in my new neighborhood, and if Cara and I didn’t just get a DVR, we’d have some wonderful options a few blocks away from us.

Link: events, 225 E 86th St, Manhattan, NY 10028 – Ask Event Search.

There’s a lot more IAC/Ask can do with this, but so far so good. As for me, with all these events going on, I know what I’m doing tonight: watching more Entourage.

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  • December 6, 2006

    Ask did lots of little things to try to get their site better this year, like the mouseover website preview.
    I am surprised they already have Canadian events for Ask City 🙂 maybe they will have something for Europe and Asia later on, but that seems to be a reach.


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