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My Media Consumption Diet

Jeremiah Owyang started a meme. I’m now doing my part to spread it. How Dawkinsian. Based on Jeremiah’s original post, here’s my own media consumption diet, ranked from those I consume most to the occasional midnight snack:

Web: I get most of my news this way, though not that much entertainment. I read a bunch of blogs, though not as many as I’d like to. Instead, I generally stick with a couple dozen blogs I read regularly, most of which I receive via email subscriptions (with FeedBlitz, I can get any blog delivered that way, even if the blog doesn’t offer email feeds). I read the NY Times email roundup daily and get some of their other mailings, and I always find myself reading at least a bit of WSJ. Ad Age increasingly has some of the best work-related news; it’s a rare day when I don’t read at least one of its articles in full. As for other trades, while I’m biased since I write for them, I get most of what I need for daily news from MediaPost, supplemented by MarketingVox. For in-depth, long-form content, iMedia‘s great, but I usually need a chunk of time to read any of it. I’m sure I’m missing some sources.

TV: I watch MUCH more TV since getting a DVR (via Time Warner Cable). Every morning it’s NY1, for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. It’s great, low budget, laughably raw local news that does get me up to speed on my environs, to the point where anchor Pat Kiernan reads the local papers to me on TV every morning, when I time it right. Even the commercials are strangely addictive, since the same few air non-stop for months, or longer (the car service ad where women swoon "He comes when I call!" is the best). At night, it’s all entertainment, no news. Depending of course on when new episodes are airing, I’m hooked on The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Entourage, The Office, Top Chef, and the Amazing Race. I’ve been catching up on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I watch as many decent programs and movies as I can find on HBO on Demand. Then there are the shows I watch with Cara, adding more to the mix. Oh, and so I have at least one show that Cara can’t stand, I just set my DVR for Spike TV’s Pros vs. Joes. Once the Mets’ season starts up, then Cara and I will probably need to take advantage of having multiple TVs at home.

Books: I read about a book a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, lent to me by a colleague, will take a bit longer.

Magazines: I love magazines. Weekly: The Week, New York Magazine, The New Yorker, Newsweek, Fortune. Monthly: Wired, Business 2.0. There are others – I’m blanking as I write this. I enjoy some writing offline, and the portability helps. If some digital reader hit the market, I wouldn’t buy it, unless we were in some environmental do-or-die crisis and we ran out of trees.

Newspapers: I read the free amNY most mornings on the way to work and will pore over the NY Times; we get a daily subscription at home. I read Sunday’s Times the most and try to catch up on Thomas Friedman columns.

Movie Theaters: I enjoy the distraction, though over the past year I’ve seen fewer than I have in a long time.

Broadway: Cara and I have seen a ton of shows together, though we’re mostly caught up for awhile. Spring Awakening is the best thing we saw in awhile.

Museums: Visual and performing arts should count as media, right? Cara and I have been slacking off lately, but once it gets warmer, we’ll take full advantage of being a few blocks from Museum Mile.

Music: I used to listen to so much more, and I always have my iPod on me, but on the subway I read, at work it distracts me, and at home I watch TV, so music in any form gets the squeeze. I don’t touch the radio at all. Maybe my music hiatus will end once I pick up the new album from the Kaiser Chiefs. Damn, they’re good.

Mobile: I use my phone as a communications device, not for accessing content. That could change, but even with the better speeds on my new Motorola Krazr compared to my sluggish LG I had before, that won’t change too soon.

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    February 23, 2007

    You’ve such luxuries to attend great broadway shows, and all the amazing museums.
    I head to a few museums a year, as well as ‘science museums’ that are more hands on. I really didn’t consider those in my initial diet.
    I wonder if you don’t use your mobile to consume content due to the Subway limitations on signals.
    As a result, I wonder if you listen to less mobile audio and read more because you get to use public transportation.
    Thanks for sharing.


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