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MySpace Business Cards: Coming to Lemonade Stands Near You

I love that you can now make social network business cards (see Mashable for the write-up). Okay, I can get the value of the LinkedIn card (and I’m surprised LinkedIn hasn’t offered something like this already – they still can, and can do it even better than what’s here, especially with more subtle LinkedIn branding that still points to someone’s profile there). You can also get them in Facebook and MySpace flavors. I tried to imagine what a MySpace card would look like. Perhaps something like this:


Meanwhile, if you do want profile-related business cards that you can actually feel good about giving out to people, check out the cards from Ziki, which can even incorporate your personalized tag cloud. The colors and designs are among the best business cards I’ve seen, especially if Moo’s tiny cards are way too Web 2.0 for you.

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  • July 21, 2008

    Great idea. REally it helps us. Business card plays a very vital role in uplifting your business. Business cards
    and letterheads are the most important items for your business. They create first
    impressions, provide contact information, and are invaluable marketing tools.
    So when printing business cards first do some planning and consider the following
    Should have a authentic email
    Should add Some Color for attraction
    always leave the back blank
    quality should be great
    font should be good and attractive
    more emphasis on quality not on quantity
    These five tips helps you in printing quality business cards.
    Thanks for posting such nice information. really it helps.


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