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Now Joining the Blogosphere: Ahmadinejad

These seems too bizarre to be true, and yet…

Iran’s president, Mahmood Ahmadinejad, appears to be blogging: يادداشت هاي شخصي احمدي نژاد (check the mini distorted version of the US flag on the upper right for Engilsh).

Thanks Google Blogoscoped for the link.

For more on Ahmadinejad’s outreach to Western media, you can catch several clips from his "60 Minutes" interview with Mike Wallace at CBS News Video (I missed the airing, but it seems like most of the interview is online). It’s chilling. Wallace calls out Iran’s president for dodging questions but also has to give a little slack just to keep the interview on track. Half the Q&A seems to be a meta-interview, one where the two are jovially bantering about their interviewing tactics.

During the interview itself, Ahmadinejad is quick-witted, well studied, and frighteningly endearing. He isn’t, however, always logical. For instance, he criticizes the US for continuing to keep its military in Iraq when Iraq now has its own government, yet also tacitly defends Iranian suicide bombers permeating the border, which is of course undermining the fragile Iraq government and thus requires the US keep its Armed Forces there longer.

As for the Holocaust denials and moving Israel to Germany, it’s all too much to blog about at the moment.

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