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Orlando Jeweler's Link Bait Prize for Bloggers

Here’s an interesting case study of how a private retailer with all of two stores, both in Florida, is using social media. While I might expect a bit more polish especially if a larger brand tried this, I think it’s a good stab at this.

Don Lair wrote in from GoldsmithJewlery.com notifying me about a diamond earring giveaway as part of a Valentine’s Day campaign where I can win if I link to the site. I just have to write a post about them, and they’ll link back. The full email he sent is in the extended entry.

It could have been more personal; he didn’t even bother to look up my name, which happens to be, oh, everywhere on the blog. That’s the biggest misstep here. But it’s a clever ploy nonetheless.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts, and I’ll up the ante. I don’t know my odds of winning (it depends on how many people enter of course), but if I win, I’ll randomly award the earrings to anyone who either leaves a comment or links to this post. That doesn’t make your odds very high, but I also want to clarify that I’m sharing this as an interesting case study, not to just whore for links and prizes (though links and prizes are always fun).

The full text of the email:


My name is Don Lair and I’m contacting you on behalf of
GoldsmithJewelry.com. We are running a diamond earring giveaway

that is open to bloggers and I thought you might be interested. The
earrings are valued at $1,518 (1 carat diamond studs)

and the giveaway is part of a Valentine’s Day promotion.

All you have to do to enter is write a post about Goldsmith Jewelry on
your blog and include a link to the site. We will

be linking to all blogs that enter the giveaway, so there’s a benefit for
you even if you don’t win the big prize.

You can feel confident recommending us to your readers. We have been
serving the Orlando market for over 30 years and the

viewers of Channel 2 News in Orlando recently selected us as their
Favorite Jeweler. We’re also the area’s largest

independant diamond broker.

Here’s the page that has all the details:

We are announcing the winner on February 10 and he or she will receive the
earrings before Valentine’s Day. Send me an

email with a link to your entry and I’ll add a link to your blog on the
official giveaway page.

Don Lair


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Comments to: Orlando Jeweler's Link Bait Prize for Bloggers
  • Avatar
    May 8, 2008

    How did they do that? Aren’t there any privacy issues in regard to getting you email address?


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