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Peachy Bloggers in Atlanta

While my camera batteries died and I don’t have photos from the event, it was fun being down in Atlanta for what I’m hearing is a rare blogger get-together. I’m spoiled in New York where along with the population density and relatively reliable mass transit there are people like CK and Howard Greenstein to bring the social media enthusiasts together. Atlanta has no shortage of blogging talent, but apparently the blogger get-togethers are rare. With Diva Marketing’s Toby Bloomberg nudging me along and my colleague Dave Williams spreading the invites on Facebook, my visit down here to speak at a client’s marketing summit was enlightened by a night at Gordon Biersch to sample the blogging scene, along with some surprisingly good beer.

A few of the luminaries in attendance included:

  • Dave Coustan, who I first met at CES earlier this year (I believe we shared a limo en route to a blogging event)
  • Jeff Larche, who I first met at a MAGNET event and who was featured indirectly at the end of yesterday’s column on Facebook and in a previous post on the pecha kucha
  • Tessa Horehled, whose Drive a Faster Car blog I followed even before she became a colleague (or perhaps, at the very least, before I knew she was a colleague)
  • Peter Fasano, who I hadn’t met previously but know through the blogosphere, and also through a former employer’s bustling alumni network
  • Wayne Pelletier, who I worked with for all of a month and didn’t really know it and says he’s not blogging much now so that’s why I couldn’t find it in the first few Google results and it’s late and I’m lazy right now

Others who I saw either briefly or missed altogether, something I hope to rectify next time I’m down, include:

I know I missed quite a few people, but I’ll blame the oversight on the hour I’m posting this, and that they didn’t plug themselves on the wall of the Facebook event,


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    November 14, 2007

    Hey David,
    Nice meeting you last night. Blogger meet-ups aren’t rare at all around here, actually. But they are a little cliquey, and typically informal and not promoted outside the blogs, so I could see where someone might take rare from that.


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