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Peter Burris on B2B Innovation at Forrester Marketing Forum


Forrester's Peter Burris - Forrester Marketing Forum 2009

Peter Burris, Principal Analyst, Research Director, Forrester Research

“Innovation is a social act… It’s something that we do together. It’s the process, ultimately, of inspiring people to change.”

Tweetamus ergo sumus - I think therefore I tweet
Tweetamus ergo sumus”


B@B tech buyers double # of content creators compared to US consumers.




IBM: adding social media across spectrum got 10% registration uplift, saved $100K, big bump in lead capture and conversion rates



Persona: Develop customer needs through social interactions





Peers impact decision making process over web and print - forrester marketin gofurm


  • Position marketing as a resource that B2B customers can use to drive better business outcomes

Question: Who’s best to lead building communities?

Peter: Marketing has to accept a new role. Cites example where marketer at Serena took over customer service, and then engineering. That made a product possible.

Q: How do you ensure authenticity?

Peter: Don’t get caught up in paying bloggers. What info do your customers need to be successful? All of your customers encounter problems. If you want to remain authentic, provide value to your customers that truly helps them solve their problems.

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