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Schwag Watch – Advertising Week

Of all the subjects to tackle relating to Advertising Week currently underway in New York, this blog needs to focus on the most important: the schwag.

Dsc01700_1At OMMA East, where I spent the entire day, the winner among my colleagues and I were the ContextWeb mini Rubik’s Cubes.

Dsc01705Then, thanks to Scott Delea’s invite, I made it to DigitalGrit’s soiree on W46th with live piano music, where I saw quite a few familiar faces and met a bunch of their friends. The giveaway: flasks. That could come in handy for Tuesday night… or perhaps at 4:30, when I have my OMMA session on local search (Scott and I can clink flasks beforehand, as he’s on the panel).

Dsc01699_1The final stop was China Club for Batanga’s Latin music party. I got there on the early side before the crowd really showed up, but it was a very hospitable bunch, and I had the pleasure of catching up with Accuquote’s Sean Cheyney and his colleague Teresa. I left there with a goodie bag that included a CD, two pens, earphones, and two t-shirts.

Click the pictures for the full size. And if you’re in town this week for the myriad events, send a line.  

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    October 4, 2006

    Thanks for the mention, David! I’m so glad that (a) someone else calls it “schwag” rather than “swag” and that (b) you’ve posted such a flattering photo of the DG flask.
    Please note that DigitalGrit recommends that you drink (and moderate panels) responsibly.

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    Just a few quick updates —

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