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Search Insider: Researching the Search Process

Search_insider_masthead_2_8I’ve discovered something much harder than writing about other companies: writing about my own. Of course, this week’s column isn’t entirely about 360i, but our research is featured prominently.

We’ll explore two other studies in a bit more detail; on the first one, for full disclosure, I served as one of its authors. This month, 360i and SearchIgnite released a white paper, "Giving Clicks Credit Where They’re Due: What You Need to Know When Allocating Your Search Budget." This report examined searchers who clicked on paid search ads and studied the factors that led to whether they completed a transaction with that marketer. On average, searchers who converted clicked an average of 1.5 of a given marketer’s ads, and those who didn’t convert clicked 1.3 ads on average. Consumers who make a purchase are more active in the search process.

If the column excites you, you can download the white paper here. It’s 12 pages, fluff-free, and free of charge. Let me know how it strikes you.

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  • June 2, 2006

    That’s a great study David. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Very well done!


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