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Some of My Best Friends are from Denver

I received the pitch below, which I think is looking for coverage on the blog. Yet I don’t know why. I did once mention Denver on my blog, but it was about an unpleasant experience at the airport. I do write about New York quite a bit. At least they got my name right.

After I received this pitch, I went to the blog and couldn’t figure out what it was really about. Maybe that’s how I wound up on their pitch list.

It is flattering to be pitched at all when you have a blog; it’s nice to know people care enough to try to get you to link to them (and that’s why I’m not including a direct link below). This is just a good reminder of how not to go about the pitching – at least mention how you’re connected to the blogger or some post the blogger wrote that inspired you to reach out to them.

As for Denver, I haven’t been to the city except for its airport, and then leaving it to head elsewhere in Colorado. I do hope to visit sometime; maybe after I do, the pitch below and the blog will make sense.

The pitch:

Greetings David.

We just launched a new advertising/pop culture blog in Denver you might like called the The Denver Egotist.

Here’s the manifesto:
In order to promote creative growth in
Denver, one must admit the city is conceptually stunted. It’s not on
the tip of any tongues, and for good reason. Safe solutions, droll
concepts. It is our belief, as creative participants in this city, that
the opportunity for change lies at our feet and that it can happen by
challenging one another, by holding each other accountable for our
work, and by hiring and promoting local talent. This is our attempt to
foster big ideas and radical thinking on a local level. To remind us
all why we love this job. This is The Denver Egotist, a means to an end.

Check us out at: thedenveregotist.com

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