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SpaceTime: As Cool as it is Pointless

Thanks to TechCrunch, I had to kill a few minutes today trying out Spacetime, a 3D browser/search engine. Search is actually the biggest feature in it.

* 3D is cool. You can fly around various webpages you have open. The cloud rendering’s pretty slick.
* It focuses on search.
* It didn’t crash my computer. This is actually a miraculous feat. Everything crashes my computer – you name it – Google, Craigslist… if I still had that text-based game Zork, that would crash my computer too. This didn’t.

* You have to download it.
* Firefox is easier and more practical.
* IE is easier and more practical, and I only use IE for some job-related sites.
* There’s no real point to it.

A couple of screenshots are below. Click for full view. Pretty, isn’t it?

Spacetime_3d_marketers_studio Spacetime_3d_yahoo_google_2

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  • June 6, 2007

    Actually, I thought this program was very useful as it saves time loading searches, eliminates the need to click an idex and go back and forth between the pages you are looking for and the list.


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