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Stormhoek in Bryant Park Recap

Dsc01091Though it’s long overdue, I owe Stormhoek tremendous thanks for making this month’s wine tasting in Bryant Park a wonderful, jovial, memorable evening. Added thanks to Cara for helping cater it (via FreshDirect), and to each and every guest that showed up.

As for the wines, we sampled four of them: Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, and Pinotage. The general consensus (by which ones were the quickest to empty) were that the pinot gris and pinotage were the favorites, though there wasn’t a dud in the bunch.

Though the wines were delightful, the company unbeatable, and the experience of a wine tasting in Bryant Park preceding an outdoor movie screening a true New York memory, the movie, Bullitt, was unbearable. I’ll take the blame for picking a snoozer of a film. I will, however, pick up a bottle of Stormhoek next time I can get my hands on it.

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Dsc01089  Dsc01090

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  • July 25, 2006

    ‘Twas a grand evening–I’m so glad I got to witness friends + wine + marketing in action (and thanks to Hugh for the print!).
    I’m just sorry I couldn’t be at the Thursday panel.


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