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SurfCanyon Invites Available – New Search Engine

I have three invites left to SurfCanyon, a new search engine that aims to learn from your searching. Here’s the description:

Surf Canyon helps you find the information you’re looking
for when it’s BURIED deep within the search results. As you click search results,
Surf Canyon LEARNS what you are interested in, in REAL TIME. The more search
results you click on, the more you train the system. Surf Canyon uses data from the major search
engines, so you won’t miss anything. In fact, you’ll find a lot more. Check it

The first three comments get invites, and if I get any other invites, I’ll let you know. I just started testing it, so I’ll hold back any reviews. I do feel like it’s one that will prove its value more with repeat usage, rather than an engine where you grasp the value of it from the first search.

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  • October 3, 2007

    reminds me a bit of the adam sandler movie “Click” where the universal remote learned his behavior based on a few times he wanted to skip parts of his life, like arguing with his wife or when a big project loomed, etc. However, as I am sure you know, it wasn’t what he wanted at all. I think there’s a big difference between learning and helping and assuming what you’re looking for or interested in. I haven’t used surfcanyon either, your post just reminded me of Click and how it learned it his behavior for better or worse.


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