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Time's 50 Best Websites: An Inside Look

Full disclosure: my agency, 360i, works with Time.com; as usual in these situations, this post is about something I’d have reviewed here anyway, and I’m providing some insights that go beyond what you’ll find on their site.

Today Time.com is launching its 50 Best Websites for 2008 list. There are some personal favorites represented like Kiva, Mint, and Geni (I like four-letter sites), some I think are premature like Search Me, one or two I think would have been more fitting for 2007 or earlier like Yahoo Answers, and a bunch I haven’t heard of and will have to check out soon.

Here’s a new twist for this year:

Time created a page on Tumblr (to be updated shortly, and regularly throughout today and the days ahead) that it will link to from Time.com, and this page will have a running list of bloggers’ picks for A) their favorite site of the Time 50, or B) a site they wish was there but isn’t.

Personally, I’ve been slow to play with Tumblr, but I’ve seen a lot of great executions there. On that note, I’ll share my favorite site that isn’t on the Time 50 but should be: Garfield Minus Garfield, coincidentally also a Tumblr blog. My runner up: Kyte, because I mentioned I love those four-letter sites.

So if you have those picks, make them (and heck, link to them in the comments to share the love). If you want any more info, write me at dberkowitz (at) 360i (dot) com and I’ll share more.

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